Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic modality, developed by Isa Gucciardi, PhD. This model supports clients to move beyond the conscious mind to gain deep insight, lasting relief, and new ways of being with themselves and the world. I work with clients who wish to engage courageously with their personal journey of healing, self discovery, and greater happiness. To embark on this work is to set foot on a truly transformative path– I welcome you to join me.

Depth Hypnosis is effective in supporting a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Understanding and finding freedom from old patterns
  • Resolving trauma, phobias, anxiety, and depression
  • Healing and self-care for chronic health issues
  • Navigating burnout and creating sustainable balance
  • Exploring life purpose, intentions, and spiritual growth
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What can I expect during a session?

I work with clients on an ongoing basis, beginning with a three session package for us to build a foundation in this work together. One of the things I love about Depth Hypnosis is how quickly a client can begin to experience relief and insight. Committed clients often begin to feel the results of their work within their first several sessions, gaining new understandings and a greater sense of wholeness.

Knowing that each person’s history, goals, and path forward looks different, our work together will be personalized to your unique needs. Sessions may include hypnosis, inquiry, regression work, guided meditation, work with dreams, and the shamanic journey. For each session, please be sure to be in a quiet place where you can close your eyes and relax deeply during our time together.

Currently, I am offering sessions via Zoom and telephone. Not only does this support client safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, it also allows clients to do our work together in a comfortable, quiet setting of their choosing. You’re welcome to join our sessions with your favorite blanket, eye pillow, or cup of tea nearby.

What is Depth Hypnosis?

Depth Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic modality, that stands at the crossroads of Buddhism, shamanism, hypnotherapy, and transpersonal psychology. A spiritually-centered counseling form, Depth Hypnosis offers tools that help clients work through issues quickly and deeply, connecting them to their own innate ability to heal and grow. Depth Hypnosis works on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This work is grounded in radical self-responsibility, empowering clients to become their own healer as they unravel subconscious patterns, resolve traumas, and engage with life in new and meaningful ways. To learn more about Depth Hypnosis, click here. To learn more about classes and other offerings taught by Depth Hypnosis creator Isa Gucciardi, please visit the Foundation of the Sacred Stream website.

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Rates & Booking

Please note, I am currently exclusively working with clients remotely over Zoom or phone.

First-time clients are encouraged to book a discounted, 3-session package in order for us to establish a solid foundation in this work together. Following this, many clients prefer working together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but the cadence of our work together is determined by your needs.

First-Time Clients: 3 sessions for $300
Continuing Clients: $130 per session

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