Shamanic Counseling

It is my honor to support clients as an Applied Shamanic Practitioner, trained by Isa Gucciardi, PhD., and the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. I offer shamanic counseling that empowers clients to learn how to begin their own shamanic journeying practice as a way to develop connection to inner guidance and greater wellbeing. I also support clients with shamanic healing including soul retrieval and power retrieval. Clients can use this powerful work to:

    • Learn to work with the Shamanic Journey
    • Access inner guidance and wisdom 
    • Find freedom from stuck patterns or habits
    • Heal trauma, anxiety, depression, and more
    • Explore life purpose, intentions, and spiritual growth
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What can I expect during a session?

I typically work with clients over the course of multiple sessions. During our first session, you can expect to share about yourself, what you’d like to work on, and any dreams you can remember from the last several days. In your first or second session, you will begin to learn techniques to contact your own guides and inner wisdom through the shamanic journey– the baseline of our work together. 

In our sessions, you can expect to sit or lie down, close your eyes and relax into a light trance state while listening to drumming. During this time, you’ll share with me about your experience and we’ll follow up with inquiry and likely some homework of journaling, meditation, or further journey work. Depending on client needs and circumstances, I may also provide healing services including sound healing, soul retrieval, power retrieval, and more.

Currently, I am offering sessions via Zoom and telephone. Not only does this support client safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, it also allows clients to do our work together in a comfortable, quiet setting of their choosing. You’re welcome to join our sessions with your favorite blanket, eye pillow, or cup of tea nearby.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a broad term used to describe earth-based wisdom traditions, and represents one of the most ancient modalities in the world for fostering healing & guidance. Shamanic practices can be found in many forms and across many cultures globally, with common themes and practices surfacing across place and lineage. 

The work of Applied Shamanism is held with deep respect for the individual cultures, lineages, and traditions that carry their own unique shamanic practices. Applied Shamanism does not appropriate the cultures or traditions of others, nor does it engage with practices held by a culture or lineage without the specific permission from the leaders of that particular culture. For further information, I recommend beginning with this helpful description.

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Rates & Booking

Please note, I am currently seeing clients for sessions exclusively on Zoom or by telephone.

First-time clients are asked to book a discounted, 3-session package in order for us to build a solid foundation in our journey work together. Following this, clients are welcome to book further sessions to deepen their healing and inquiry. Many clients prefer working together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but the cadence of our work together is determined by your needs.

First-Time Clients: 3 sessions for $300
Continuing Clients: $130 per session

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