About Me

I love working with clients using Depth Hypnosis, Shamanic Counseling, and meditation because I know it works. It profoundly changed my life, and I trust it can change yours too. Whether you’re hoping to nurture healthier relationships, live with greater purpose, or heal trauma, anxiety, or something else – this work can be a deep support.

I’m a certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Applied Shamanic Counselor, trained by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. and the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. When I’m not working with clients, you’ll often find me assisting Depth Hypnosis practitioner trainings and other courses to support others’ learning about this powerful modality. 

My work is also deeply informed by a longtime Buddhist practice and significant time in silent retreat. I participated in Buddhist Chaplaincy training with the Sati Center and spent many years teaching meditation classes and staffing retreats for teens through Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Family Program. Beginning in 2019, I participated in the sixth iteration of Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader Program and completed this training with an 11-month Dharma Mentoring Program with Erin Treat and Pamela Weiss. I lead a weekly meditation group for those who identify as women that is now in its 7th year, and am delighted to share the Dharma as a guest teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, the San Francisco Dharma Collective, and other communities.

As a spiritual counselor, I love working with people who want to go to greater depths in their meditation practice or explore their relationship to spirituality. I know first-hand that spiritual practice can contain great joys and deep sorrows. Because of this, in addition to supporting clients with a wide range of issues and goals, I’m also dedicated to working with those who are undergoing a spiritual emergency, crisis of faith, or who have experienced harm or abuse of power by spiritual teachers or within religious community.

Perhaps most importantly, I’m interested in you – what you want out of life, where you feel stuck, and what it’s like to walk your unique path. My greatest joy is helping my incredible clients transform and heal, move through life with greater clarity, and connect with their own unique power and wisdom. 

If you’re curious to speak more about how working together could bring positive change into your life, click here to schedule a free introductory consultation. 

My training includes:

Community Dharma Leader  – Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Ongoing Study with Erin Treat
Certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner – Foundation of the Sacred Stream

Hypnotherapy Certificate – Foundation of the Sacred Stream
Certified Applied Shamanic Practitioner – Foundation of the Sacred Stream
Certificate, Plant Medicine Integration – Foundation of the Sacred Stream

Ordained Minister – Foundation of the Sacred Stream
Certificate, Buddhist Chaplaincy – Sati Center for Buddhist Studies
Certificate, Applied Positive Psychology Coaching – San Francisco State University
Facilitation Fellowship – DiversityWorks, Oakland, CA 
Post-Graduate Work – Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 
MA, Gender Studies – Central European University 
BA, Religious Studies & Women’s Studies – Guilford College