What Clients Are Saying…

Client testimonials

During our sessions, we explored aspects of my psyche more quickly than I had in years of therapy. Although the work we did was emotionally vulnerable, Juliana made me feel remarkably safe. It was amazing how quickly she helped me identify the historical root of my current feelings, and emboldened me to change those patterns.

– Sadie K.

Client testimonials

This work has been one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had. The experience itself was akin to being led into a deep meditative state where, with use of imagination and structured guidance, I could access and heal from subconscious places where I was stuck. I left each session feeling cleansed and transformed.

– Colette G.

Client testimonials

I came to Juliana’s work after a difficult time of injury and loss, feeling quite disconnected from my body. Juliana’s gentle and steady presence helped me to bring some compassion and deep care to my body which in turn, allowed a softness in how I held the aftermath of the traumatic experiences. I left the sessions feeling a lot more compassion and love for my wise body.

– Jennye P.

Client testimonials

Juliana offers the best of what modern, practical mysticism carries to support transformation. I would recommend her to any of my own meditation students needing her level of energetic, spirit world, psychological integration expertise.

– Heather

Client testimonials

More than a year into talk therapy, I felt like I hadn’t addressed the root cause of my mental health struggles. Juliana helped me access parts of myself that I didn’t realize I could connect to, and listen to the inner wisdom of my body and spirit. I’m so grateful for Juliana’s gentle and powerful guidance.

– Amy R.

Client testimonials

Juliana’s skillful guidance and support helped me work through some deep questions and stories. I left empowered and excited to continue exploring my path. I highly recommend working with her.

– Teresa T.

Client testimonials

Working with Juliana was a gift. Her approach is deeply attuned and kindhearted. Thanks to her depth and intelligence, I walked away with new tools that continue to tend to the wellbeing of my nervous system in profound and unexpected ways.

– Quetzal F.

Client testimonials

Every aspect of my life has been affected by the work I have done with Juliana: my relationships with others, my parenting, my business, my creativity, and most importantly my relationship with myself. She provides such a strong, safe, and compassionate container to explore difficult emotions and patterns, helping to bring insights I never could have reached without this deep listening and inquiry.

I feel so much lighter. I move through life with so much more confidence and clarity. I feel at home in my own body and connected to myself in ways I never thought possible.

– Katie S.

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